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Official Raspberry Pi touchscreen display finally available for purchase

Two years in the making, there's now an official 7in screen available for the DIY computer

Now in its second numbered incarnation, the Raspberry Pi is still a pretty amazing thing: a nearly complete, credit card-sized computer system for just £25. It’s perfect for all manner of DIY projects, and now there’s a new option available.

Starting today, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an official multitouch display designed specifically for various models of the Pi. It’s a 7in display running at 800×480 and allowing 60 frames per second output and 24-bit colour, plus it allows 10 simultaneous touch inputs and has a metal backing with mounting holes to hold the Pi board on the back.

Eager to create your own makeshift tablet or a complete standalone PC unit? The screen sells for approximately £50, depending on retailer, although it’s already sold out from the official online store. Optional coloured frames are available for another £10 on top of that.

A blog post about the release is very long and detailed, in case you want to read up about all the technical bits and bobs, plus the screen’s extended saga is detailed out. Apparently, the team thought it could source an official touch display in about six months, but it ended up taking two years for them to find something that would meet their specifications.

But if you’re eager to have a screen ready-made for the Pi, it will have hopefully been worth the wait. It’s officially compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, Pi Model B+, and Pi Model A+, although it’s also possible to connect to Model A and Model B boards of the original Pi. However, they won’t mount neatly to the back of the board, potentially dashing your perfectly neat handheld Pi dreams.

[Source: Raspberry Pi via Engadget]

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