Official Apple Watch dock with convertible Nightstand mode revealed

Apple is finally releasing a dock of its own

Apple had loads of strap options available when the Apple Watch released in April, but curiously, the company opted not to release an official charging dock. That's odd because Apple usually loves making easy, obvious money.

Many third-party peripheral makers quickly filled the gap with everything from metal to wood and even a monster's body, although they all required you to loop your existing charger connector into the base. And there was word that Apple planned to allow MFi certification to shed that last requirement. But now Apple has made its own. And it's a docking doozy.

What you're looking at is the Magnetic Charging Dock from Apple, a drop-on home for your Watch. White-bottomed and complete with a central circular charging node, using it is as easy as plugging a lightning cable into the base and attaching your ticker by the power of magnets.

In its flat mode (as packaged), the watch simply lays flat across the center of the disc-like design. But, if used next to a bed, we imagine a lot of Watch owners will prefer the other option, wherein the node folds up to meet the back of your timepiece. That way, the Nightstand mode in watchOS 2 is activated, letting the face show the time through the night.

Of course, Apple accessories are rarely cheap, and the Dock is no exception, weighing in at US$79 (around £60) - a serious asking price for a highly optional replacement of your existing charger. Still, anyone who demands Apple peripherals will be able to pick up an official Dock in Apple Stores from November 20.

[Source: Apple]