The October issue of Stuff is out now

To read it is to become a better geek – so what are you waiting for?

A couple of years ago, all you needed to be classed as a geek was a pair of glasses and a Nokia N95. Now, even your mum has an iPhone, while your dad spends his evenings telnetting into the mainframe on his Asus Transformer Infinity.

Being a geek in 2012 demands taking your knowledge to the next level. With that in mind, we’ve dedicated the October issue of Stuff to showing you everything you need to know (internet of things, 3D printing, new startups), make (NAS drives, media streamer, robots) and do (coding apps, syncing iOS and Android) in order to graduate into the Geek Elite. Yep, you do need to read this.

More issue greatness includes a test of the seven most important Android tablets in the world right now (Nexus 7, Kindle Fire, the aforementioned Transformer Infinity and much more), a ride on the awesome Agility Saietta electric superbike and exclusive details on the Sony Xperia T – James Bond's own blower.

It's one hell of an issue, and it's available on the App Store and in all good (and some naughty) newsagents now. To find out more, or to subscribe, point your mouse clicker here.

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