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Nvidia GeForce Now expands with Xbox PC Game Pass titles

Next version of DLSS on the way too

Xbox Game Pass PC on Nvidia GeForce Now news

Nvidia’s play-anywhere cloud gaming service GeForce Now is about to get a whole lot more useful for anyone with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Later this week Xbox PC Game Pass titles will begin appearing on the platform, meaning gamers can skip lengthy downloads and SSD-sapping install sizes, and play at high resolutions and refresh rates even if their gaming laptop or desktop lacks a suitably meaty graphics card.

Announced ahead of Germany’s Gamescom show, the move should majorly boost Nvidia’s cloud gaming clout. The GPU maker recently finished rolling out its top-tier GeForce Now Ultimate tier across North America and Europe, bringing RTX 4080 power to anyone with an internet connection. That means 4K or ultrawide streaming at 120Hz, or 1080p play at 240Hz using Nvidia’s latency-busting Reflex tech. Ray tracing and DLSS 3 also make the cut.

While Microsoft has its own Xbox Cloud Gaming offering, it only supports Xbox console games, which need a controller to play. Nvidia’s PC Game Pass support will let you get your game on with a mouse and keyboard. That’s in addition to any games you already own on the Steam, Epic and Ubisoft storefronts, with over 1600 titles supported to date.

Pricing is set to stay unchanged, meaning gamers should expect to pay $20/£18 per month – plus the cost of an Xbox Game Pass subscription on top if they want to use GeForce Now for PC Game Pass titles.

The first PC Game Pass titles will start appearing on GeForce Now on the 24th of August

Nvidia also pulled back the curtain on DLSS 3.5, the next generation of its AI-enhanced upscaling tech that can ease the strain on supported graphics cards. New additions for 2023 include overhauling how it works with ray tracing, for more convincing and visually stunning effects in the latest games. Alan Wake 2 and Cyberpunk 2077 expansion Phantom Liberty will be first in line to recieve it.

CP2077 Phantom Liberty RT OnCP2077 Phantom Liberty RT Off

Personally we’re pumped for Half Life 2 RTX Remix. The community project wants to bring modernised art and full ray tracing to Valve’s classic FPS, and the first trailer looks suitably shiny. Modders are invited to join the effort at nvidia.com/halflife2rtx.

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