November issue out now!

The new issue of Stuff is out now, with a heroic dose of tech including electric cars, mean mowers and the reveal of our Stuff Innovators 2014

Sometimes it’s easy to forget there are people behind all this tech that we worship. Behind every robot, smartwatch and hoverbike there’s a person with a bright idea – and that’s what Stuff’s Innovators 2014 is all about. 

In the latest issue we’ve compiled a list of the greatest minds in tech, from Palmer Luckey to Jack White, and showed why they deserve to be considered a true innovator. And they’re not all big names – we’ve uncovered plenty of people who could easily become the next James Dyson and we guarantee you’ll come out feeling at least 75% more clued-up at the end of it.

Elsewhere we took a cross-country trip from Weston-super-Mare to Whitstable in three eco-friendly cars: BMW’s hybrid i8, VW’s super-sleek XL1 and Tesla’s all-electric Model S. Each one makes a claim for greenness but in its own unique way. So which one takes the chequered flag?

We’ve also tested budget smartphones, ridden Lapierre’s Overvolt electric mountain bike, and taken a trip to the Alps to see how researchers are mapping mountains with drones, while this month’s Projects section tells you how to re-awesomise your Chromebook and add a drizzle of tech to your kitchen.  

You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of that, would you? Thought not. So if you’d be so kind as to skip off down to your local newsagent, swivel your browser in the direction of, or point your iPad at Apple’s Newsstand, we can get going.