Nokia’s new catwalk models

Nokia’s been at it again, churning out a trio of fashion phones. Dubbed ‘L'Amour Collection’, the Finns reckon they capture the ‘faded luxury of grand architecture’. Having seen most of the buildings in Helsinki we were a little worried but on closer inspection it appears that the design team has been well reigned in on this outing from the asylum. Top of the pile is the 7390 (middle). Nokia calls this its first 3G fashion phone, clearly forgetting the 7600 Leaf, which was admittedly more of a fashion crime than a serious attempt at style. The 7390 has a flip design and a proper keypad. Of more interest are the 3megapixel autofocus camera and on-board MP3 player. Lower down the scale, the 7373 (right) has a revolving lid and a 2megapixel cam while the budget 7360 (left) is a conventional tablet phone with bog-standard lens. All three come in two colours: black for the boys and powder pink for the girls.