Nokia N9 revealed

It’s all screen and comes with MeeGo OS, NFC and 64GB – is this Nokia’s fight back?

There’s no sign of Windows Phone 7 as many had hoped for, but rather an ease-in with the MeeGo OS which looks great in the video below. Expect to find social networking integration, a decent web browser experience, a superb 8MP Zeiss snapper like on the N8, a selection of colour options, and 16GB or 64GB models. NFC and a 3.9in AMOLED screen just add more buoyancy to Nokia’s escape from the burning, Symbian platform. Expect MeeGo to take a backseat when WP7 lands at Nokia – suggesting MeeGo is just a temporary bandage to keep Nokia going until the WP7 operation mends all.


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