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Nintendo NX arrives March 2017, bringing Zelda along for the ride

It's not all rosy for Wii U owners, though

It’s been a long time coming, but Nintendo fans finally have the first juicy details of the Big N’s next console.

The NX is officially in the works, and will launch next March.

Nintendo dropped the knowledge bomb this morning as part of its 2016 earnings report, saying NX would arrive in 2017 with a “brand-new [gaming] concept”.

Of course, we still don’t know what that concept is, what the console will look like, or even if it’ll actually be called NX, but at least Ninty fanboys now have a month to highlight in their diaries.

There are plenty of rumours of wacky controllers and console-handheld hybrids doing the rounds, and there’s even a chance NX could end up more powerful than its rivals, but right now the details are a mystery.

From the looks of the report, next March can’t come soon enough; to date the Wii U has only shifted a paltry 12.8 million consoles, compared to the Xbox One‘s 18 million and the PS4‘s whopping 35 million.

It’s not all sunshine and lollipops, though. Nintendo confirmed it wouldn’t be focusing on NX at this year’s E3 – only the upcoming Zelda Wii U.

Which just got delayed.

Yep, the one major game Wii U owners have been looking forward to for 2016 just got pushed back until next year.

It’s also getting an NX version, just like how 2006’s Twilight Princess launched on both Gamecube and Wii. Making us wonder why anyone would bother with the Wii U version if they were just going to upgrade to an NX anyway.

We’ll have to wait until E3 in June to see if an open-world Zelda will be worth the extra wait.

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