Nikon Coolpix P7100 updated super-compact

If the P7000 wasn't fast enough for you, here comes the latest Nikon high performance compact

DSLRs are chunky. There we said it. So to avoid snapping sessions becoming a gruelling workout for the feeble-armed, Nikon has announced a beefed up version of last year's DSLR-like Coolpix P7000 compact.

With the large 10.1MP 1/1.7in sensor, 7.1 zoom NIKKOR lens and improved low light performance, Nikon are going after DSLR fans who want command dials and customisable zoom on their compact. The main hardware addition is the 3in tiltable LCD screen but the Coolpix P7100 is an altogether faster beast than its predecessor. That means speedier autofocusing and boot-up times, as well as reduced shutter lag.

The P7100 will squeeze £500 out of your gadget budget when it goes on sale on 22nd September.


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