Next Big Thing – singing gloves

These musical mitts sing along in response to your flapping hands, turning your paws into Pavarotti

Is this a Spinal Tap thing? No, I will not Smell the Glove.

Nothing so crude. Science-wizards at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver have created a next-gen Theremin in the form of these motion-sensing gloves – which produce an eerily-human synthesised singing voice.

Sounds handy. How do they work?

Ha ha. The gloves use motion sensors to map their position in space, with the right hand controlling pitch. Vowel sounds and consonants are created by opening and closing your fist, mimicking the shape of the vocal tract, while stop consonants are  You can create stop consonants by tapping buttons on the left-hand glove. With practice, it's possible to create coherent words.

Interesting. What's it in aid of?

The gloves were originally designed to give a helping hand to those with speech difficulties – the singing feature was developed afterwards. We'd put good money on Bjork using them on her next album… 

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