Next Big Thing – flexible quantum dot TVs

TV geeks prepare for richer colours and bendy screens – the future is quantum

Are quantum dots the new pixels?

Not quite, but your TV's pixels could soon be made up of tiny 10 nanometre wide quantum dots before long if Nanoco has anything to do with it. Quantum dots are teeny tiny particles that are set to make movie magic when turned on by an electrical current. 

Movie magic? Like Harry Potter?

QDTV should result in richer colours (by increasing the range of colours that can be displayed) as well as lowering the energy your telly uses. Fast forward a few years and quantum dots could be printed in patterns of red, green and blue dots onto conductive plastic to make skinny, flexible TV screens.

Now you're talking. Death to LEDs!

You'll need to stick to your existing set-up for the next three years or so. But word on the web is that Nanoco are working with "Asian TV manufacturers" to get out a box that uses the quantum dot tech by the end of 2012. We suspect these next-gen tellys might make quite a lot of cash disappear from your wallet for the privilege.

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