Next Big Thing – bionic planes

Anyone for a spot of holographic golf at 30,000 feet?

Excellent, a flying conservatory – what happened to teleporting?

Do you really want EasyTele or RyanPort toying with your quantum state? We'd rather take this concept Airbus, scheduled for 2050 and stuffed with more ideas than your suitcase has unnecessary socks: the bionic cabin, inspired by bird bones, is made from a biopolymer membrane than can turn opaque or transparent on command. Check out those views.

Not a flight for aerophobes, then...

If the splendour of the 30,000-foot drop doesn't help you confront your fear, this futuristic airliner will calm your racing brain with its 'Vitalising' and 'Interaction' zones, filled with 'antioxidant air' and holographic golf consoles. The cabin also has a 'neural network' that automatically identifies and fulfils your needs – what this means exactly is unclear, but we're hoping for noiseproof baby pods, on-demand Maltesers and Toy Story 8 in 4D.

I'd swap all that for a comfy seat

Made from recyclable plant fibres, the seats are more than just comfortable – they'll morph to your body shape, and harvest your body heat to help power the cabin. We may be all but out of oil by 2050, so the plane itself will be powered by biofuels and will automatically fly in formation with other planes to save energy. The future of air travel is all about 'biomimicry', you see – those geese are cleverer than they look.


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