Next Big Thing – airless tires

Punctures and flat tires will soon be banished, thanks to the wonders of science

Airless tires? You’ll be praising wingless planes next

Steady on – these aren’t punctured rubber rings that have seen better days. Bridgestone has invented a form of tire that uses a fancy thermoplastic resin as an internal support structure instead of air.

In English please?

Sigh. Instead of being filled with air, the tires will have solid spokes to support the weight of your vehicle, meaning no more punctures, no more flat tires and no more pressure checks. A simple yet elegant solution, don’t you think?

I see no downside to this

Neither do we, apart from the fact that the design needs to be tweaked to avoid pesky items getting stuck in the spokes. Currently being trialled in electric carts, we hope that these fancy tires will be making their rounds in the not-so-distant future. 

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