New version of Android will be shown at Google I/O this week

Android chief suggests we’ll see the next revision much earlier than usual
Google's Android statues

Google usually waits until autumn to pull the wraps off of its latest version of Android, but a new article on Google’s mobile OS chief Sundar Pichai says it’ll happen this week at the I/O developers conference.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Pichai plans to debut the new version (which will surely be named after a treat starting with the letter “L”) to help device manufacturers be better prepared for the launch later this year, as they’d previously complained about often missing the holiday window.

“I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner,” Pichai said to the magazine. If there wasn’t already enough incentive for Android fans to pay attention to the week’s news—particularly the keynote, taking place early evening UK time tomorrow—then surely that confirmation will do the trick.

It’s no surprise that Android Wear will also be a big focus for Pichai at I/O, but the article also claims that Google will use the opportunity to introduce the long-rumoured Android TV, which is the company’s attempt to bounce back after Google TV fizzled out.

The Verge shared leaked images and details of Android TV back in April, and if that’s roughly what we’re seeing at I/O this week, it’ll be a clean, accessible way to access digital content on a TV—though it’s unclear what kind of hardware Google plans to use to get this into the average consumer’s living room.

[Source: Bloomberg Businessweek via The Verge]

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