New Sonos app brings universal search spanning every major music service

And you can try the beta version now on Android
Sonos app controller main

If you've got a Sonos music streaming system at home, you're already a lucky so-and-so.

Now your life just got even better - because the multiroom maestro's new app introduces universal search.

Universal playlists have long been a feature on Sonos, meaning that you can add tracks from various music services alongside those from your own no-doubt-exhaustive library. But actually finding those tracks has always been a trifle trickier, with the user having to go in and out of each service to find the song in question. Yep, that probably falls into the category of First World Problems.

Still, universal search is here now with the launch of the beta version of the app controller for Android, so we'll stop complaining. Search for an artist, album or track now and it'll bring up suggestions from the likes of Spotify, Rdio, Napster, Qobuz and Deezer, depending on which you subscribe to, plus others such as and The Hype Machine. And don't worry, your own collection of obscure Mongolian throat singing albums will be in there too.

The Android app is available now on beta, if you're part of the beta testing programme; if you're not, you can easily sign up for it on the Sonos website. It'll arrive on iOS "this spring" and will reach the desktop controllers later this year.

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Sonos app controller beta