New iPhone 5 video leaks as Apple's nano-SIM appears in wild

You didn't think the iPhone 5 rumour mill was going to stop anytime soon, did you?

Apple has already seen purported leaks and renders of the iPhone 5 spilling across the internet in the build up to its September launch date – now the iRumour mill has graced us with another iPhone 5 video leak, courtesy of an anonymous source.

The new video shows what appears to be an iPhone 5 in its entirety, complete with a larger screen and new dock connector. It also boots to the connect-to-iTunes screen blisteringly fast, which suggests that it's had a substantial boost in the power department.

Elaborate mockup or not, Germany's Deutche Telekom has begun to distribute Apple's new 40 percent smaller nano-SIM cards – further evidence that the iPhone 5 countdown clock is ticking faster and faster towards D-Day.

Check out our iPhone 5 rumour roundup for all the iPhone 5 rumours in one handy place.


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