New HTC tablet is reportedly arriving next month

The Taiwanese tech giant could soon reveal a new Android slate

Technology insider @upleaks is claiming that a new low-cost HTC tablet is on its way, codenamed the H7.

The tweet suggests that the H7 will be flying onto shelves before the end of Q2, or in non-business speak, before the end of June.

The handset manufacturer's only recent foray into the tablet market was the Nexus 9, which other than a few build quality issues, we thought was a pretty sweet piece of kit.

Naturally the thought of HTC jumping back into the art of tablet making has us excited, but @upleaks isn't always spot on with its predictions.

Even if a new model is on the way, the term 'low-end' used by @upleaks suggests that the H7 is unlikely to possess the same levels of swank as the Nexus 9. Unfortunately the perfunctory tweet left us in the dark as to the model's likely price or specs.

If the tab is indeed a budget device, it's possible that it will provide some long overdue competition for the iPad Mini, which offers good value for money. It'll also be against the freshly revealed Samsung Galaxy Tab A too though, when it eventually lands.