New Creative MP3 player leaked online

If Apple’s not your flavour, then this titbit should prick your ears. That there is Creative’s spanking new MP3 jukebox, the Zen X–F

Unearthed by, the new beast apparently packs Wi–Fi, built–in media streaming and instant messaging, so you can harangue your pals while blasting your head off with doom metal.

There’s also SD support, an FM tuner and a speaker, with sizes said to head up to an iPod Touch–baiting 32GB. The screen comes in at a rather paltry 2.5in, so watching vids on there isn’t going to do your peepers any good.

All this is strictly unofficial, but we’ve got a call in with our man at Creative and will bring you any official word as soon as we get hold of it.


Creative Zen X–Fi

Price: £TBA

On sale: TBA

Contact: Creative