New Apple Mac Pro unveiled

Apple has just outed the spanking new Mac pro, unleashing two new versions with a spec sheet aimed right at high–powered punters. The Quad&ndash

The Quad–core model packs in Intel's Nahelem processor, with 3GB of RAM, a huge 640GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 graphics and 18x layer super–drive.

If that doesn't seem hardcore enough then you'll be after the 8–core version instead. It comes packing the same HDD, but with an insane 6GB of RAM and not one, but two of those Intel processors for keeping things ticking along nicely.

For now, both machines run OSX Leopard, but those NVIDIA graphics are bound to get things moving at an even greater lick when Snow Leopard launches. The Open CL tech in the new operating system is set to get things really jumping by utilising the power of the graphics card as well as the processor.

Want more? Or can't afford this beast? You'll be after the new Mac Mini then. For more, keep an eye on the Future Stuff blog for all the official photos.


Apple Mac Pro

Price: From £1,899

On sale: Now

Contact: Apple