Nest’s new thermostat is thinner, sharper and smarter than ever

If only we could say the same about ourselves

If you’ve got an original or second generation Nest thermostat currently hugging your wall, you might want to cover its eyes.

The Google-backed company has just announced its third generation smart thermostat, and it’s thinner and sprightlier than ever.

Its display is now 40% larger, measuring in at 2.5 inches with, a sharper 229 ppi count. Nest has dubbed this the Farsight display, and it automatically lights up when you walk into the room, showing off the temperature or time, automatically.

There are a few new tricks feature-wise too, including Furnace Heads-Up, which allows the thermostat to monitor your furnace and automatically notify you of any problems. It’ll also be rolled out to first and second generation Nest thermostats later this year.

The newer thermostat is also more accurate, thanks to increased temperature sensors, letting it more accurately map and record your heating usage pattern to save you more energy overall.

If you’ve got Nest Protect installed, then the new Nest thermostat will also turn off your heating if any carbon monoxide is detected, to prevent the furnace from spreading smoke through your home.

It’ll also display any emergency alerts on its display if the Protect has an alert going off.

The latest Nest thermostat is now available for US$250, while the second generation model can be snapped up for US$200. Stay tuned for UK prices and release dates.