Napster added to Loewe’s MediaNet service

The pioneering music service has already set up shop on the web and migrated to our phones. Next stop – television

Aeons ago a little-known service sparked off the peer-to-peer music revolution which had record labels shaking in their platinum boots. Napster, now in its 12th year (and bearing the scars of various lawsuits), has successfully cleaned up its act over the years and has slowly begun invading our phones, and from today, our televisions.

Loewe is the first manufacturer to snap up the telly friendly version of Napster’s service, where it will be included in their TV-based web portal, the Loewe MediaNet service. If you’re a Loewe owner and fancy access to a music library comprising 15 million tracks, head on over to Napster now for your 14-day free taster trial, which should be more than enough time to satisfy your gluttonous appetite for all things musical. Rock on.