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Nanoleaf’s outdoor lights are getting me in the mood for cosy summer BBQs

A dash of RGB with your reverse-seared steak, perchance?

nanoleaf outdoor lights

Good news for those looking to spruce up their outdoor space ahead of the (hopefully) warmer weather — Nanoleaf’s outdoor lights are officially on sale, bringing with them a smattering of smart, connected functionality to add an LED-lit dash of character to your evenings.

The Smart Multicolour Outdoor String Lights, to give the kit its full name, is a Matter-enabled set of multi-colour string lights, complete with IP65 water resistance, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity thrown in for good measure. 

Available in 15, 30, and 40-metre versions (with 20, 40, and 60 bulbs each), you can select everything from traditional cool or warm white, to practically any colour you care to think of. Naturally, there are animated patterns and scenes too, if you fancy giving your neighbours a bit of a light show, and everything can be tweaked via the attached controller, Nanoleaf app, or via your Smart Home setup. 

nanoleaf outdoor lights

The bulbs themselves may not appeal to fans of traditional festoon lights, but I rather like their unusual geometry. Plus you’ll be hard-pressed to notice their sweeping lines when there’s a literal lightshow twinkling away before you. You can even have them react and sync up with any playing music, offering guests something to marvel at while you finish searing off your homemade burgers.

You can snap up the 15, 30, and 40-metre kits directly from Nanoleaf US and Nanoleaf UK, for $129.99/£89.99, $199.99/£149.99, or $277.48/£209.99. UK buyers can pre-order now, with items being shipped out before 31 May.

Elsewhere, you can also jazz up the inside of your house with Nanoleaf’s Matter Multicolour Indoor LED Lightstrips, with 60 colour zones and 60 addressable LEDs per metre. With the same Matter, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, it promises to deliver smooth colours and a more immersive experience, thanks to built-in music visualisation and desktop screen mirroring via Nanoleaf’s Desktop app.

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