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Mymanu’s Clik wireless earbuds are a real life Babel fish

Real-time translation – right in your ear

What are these, just another set of bluetooth ‘buds?

Yes, and no: these wire-free wonders are indeed bluetooth earphones, ergonomically designed and sweet-sounding to boot.

They also perform a really, really clever trick. In the words of Douglas Adams in The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: “If you stick one in your ear, you can instantly understand anything said to you, in any form of language.”

Wait, you’re telling me they’ll be my own personal translator?

Exactly. Mymanu’s Clik earbuds can translate a whopping 37 languages in real-time, meaning no more travel misunderstandings and an end to those embarrassing gesticulations.

So now I can speak like a local?

Sort of. If both parties possess a pair of Cliks, the theory is you’ll both be able to natter like old chums, with no foreign phrasebook in sight.

This sounds too good to be true. How do they work?

So, it’s not quite standalone translation – but it’s close. Users connect their Cliks to the app using Bluetooth, before sharing a unique passcode with their chosen chatting companion. From there, it’s as easy as selecting the language you want to hear translations in and, voila, you’re a multilingual magician.

It’ll even be possible for several speakers to link up in a conference call – like the UN taking a trip to the pub – meaning no more Chinese whispers.

Do they actually work?

The makers have already created a second prototype and its viability has been demonstrated online and at the TNW Europe Conference. Still, speed is of the essence when it comes to cross-cultural conversation, and it remains to be seen just how nippy a consumer model of the Cliks will be in practice.

Do they do anything else?

Besides deciphering Dutch and grappling with German, the Cliks’ 3-way driver tech delivers delicious quality for audiophiles, despite their wire-free tininess, as well as offering aural notifications, including text alerts.

There’s also a nifty touch control sensor in the ‘buds themselves, meaning you can swipe and tap to keep on top of things. Answer calls, skip songs and activate voice commands – all with your finger.

Will I want to wear them, though?

As well as making the Cliks look the part, Mymanu is pretty concerned about comfort: three sizes of ergonomic silicone ear tip are included, offering a fit for every ear.

As for battery-life, there’s no word on how long the 120mAh cell inside the Cliks will last – but the charging case (a pod-like contraption) is cool enough to make boosting your new Bluetooth pals a treat.

OK, where can I get me some smart-talking earbuds?

Mymanu is looking to fund the Cliks through Kickstarter, with a range of packages on offer.

Shelling out £129 will bag you a set of Clik wireless earbuds, silicone tips and that clever charging case – and an end to language learning languor.

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