My Gadget Life – Suzi Perry

If I could have any future gadget, it would be a teleporterI do so much travelling for work that a teleporter would be the ideal gadget for me. Fortun

I do so much travelling for work that a teleporter would be the ideal gadget for me. Fortunately Jason (Bradbury) and I have been filming in the UK for the next series of The Gadget Show. We've got a new presenter who's been sent to Italy, Japan and the US on assignments so we can stay at home.

My gadget obsession goes back to when I was a kid

I begged my Mum to get me a Polaroid camera when I was young and ever since I've been obsessed. I'm so excited about the new Polaroid Pogo camera and I absolutely loved the zink printer they released last year. I think printers will be huge in the next few years and start showing up in kinds of different gadgets.

I'm getting obsessed with saving money at the moment

I've been looking at the broadband and TV deals on offer. I want one that's good value for money and has an excellent wireless connection – that's why I like BT Total Broadband and BT Vision, which let you pay for what you watch without any compulsory TV subscription.

I cohosted a show with Asimo once

It was like having a real life kid next you, it was really bizarre. I love Japanese tech, it all comes from living out there and being completely blown away by it all every time I walked through town.

There's not a perfect phone out there for me

I like the iPhone and can see why people can't get enough of their BlackBerry, but I was so disappointed with the Storm. Personally I thought it was a rubbish. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic was a real letdown too. I was hoping for something better. I still haven't seen a phone that really makes me want to go out and buy it right away.

I worked out with Wii Fit for six weeks

It was for a feature on the show and I was amazed at how well it worked. It really made me feel better, but looking at my Mii for all that time did start to drive me mad.

The most bizarre gadget I've ever used has to be a Flip Flop with a drinks holder

You held the sandal up to your mouth and poured water from the sole into your mouth. It was almost as pointless as the sandwich toaster in a car I had to use.

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