Motorola says no to Windows Mobile 6.5

Motorola has said it is putting its relationship with Windows Mobile on hold for now, and will instead be focusing its attentions on other platforms f

Early reviews of the updated WinMo OS launched yesterday have been less than sparkling, and it seems Motorola agrees, saying it would be waiting until Microsoft's next platform release before striking up the relationship again.

With no WinMo handset from the phone manufacturer, Motorola confirmed it would be concentrating on "two strategic platforms" instead, one of which will of course be Android as seen on the DEXT.

What the other one turns out to be remains to be seen, but it certainly seems that any Moto phones running WinMo 6.1 can forget any chance of an upgrade.

Do you love Windows Mobile, or do you steer well clear? Fight your corner below, and be sure to check out our hands on video with the Motorola DEXT phone – expected on full release shortly.

Via: MobileCrunch