Motorola Fire started

The full-QWERTY Android handset is kindling a burning desire in BlackBerry lovers

Motorola's next release looks like it's going to be this BlackBerry-aping handset, the Motorola Fire. The full-QWERTY keyboard and touch-screen toting Android Gingerbread phone not only looks like a certain dark-fruit-named business phone, but also sports LED notifications. Handily, it comes with Motorola's Moto Switch interface to help you separate work life from social life – on your phone, at least.

The weak 3MP camera is balanced out with large MicroSD storage, Google Maps and a battery that is said to give huge 30 days of standby time. Online retailer Clove claims a release date of late September and price of £215 for this mid-range smartphone with a slow-burning battery.


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