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Motorola Atrix 2 spotted

Our LTE hopes might be dashed but Moto's got some up-to-date specs to comfort us

Motorola’s Atrix might not have convinced us with its docking capabilities back in January but we did like the smartphone’s dual-core processing power. So what’s in store for the sequel? Well, judging by pics uncovered by BGR, we can expect the same dual-core smarts together with Android 2.3.5 and an 8MP rear-facing camera plus 1080p video capture when the Atrix 2 (codename: Edison) makes an appearance.

It looks like rumours that the Atrix 2 will get LTE – superfast 4G – aren’t looking likely any time soon. But optimists reckon the Atrix 2 could reach the US in the next couple of months so watch out for more leaked snaps and specs while we wait for UK release details.


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