Meet the Samsung Galaxy One projector tablet

Alright this Windows 8 toting slice of brilliance is just a concept, but what a great idea it is

The Samsung Galaxy One, sadly, is just a concept Windows 8 tablet that comes packing a projector. This slice of genius is something we really want to see taken up by Samsung soon. Imagine projecting a document you’re working on and using the tablet’s full screen as a keyboard – brilliant.

The designers, spotted on Yanko Design, have cleverly made a point of using a variable-angle projector that can be used with the tablet standing in different positions. Two built-in stands mean it can manage a 10 degree angle, for using it as a comfy keyboard, and a 25 degree angle for upright video chats.

The imaginary slate also packs a stylus into that beautiful 14mm thin aluminium body. Now we just have to hope Samsung sees this and takes note for its next Galaxy Note 10.1.

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