Meet the £45,000 ping pong table

With only five examples in existence, Stealth is how oligarchs play table tennis
Stealth table tennis table

We’ve just discovered what may be the most ludicrously ostentatious table tennis table in existence. It’s even called ‘Stealth’, for heaven’s sake.

"Inspired by the Nighthawk stealth bomber", 11 Ravens and artist Bernard Semerdjian have built the tablet – of which only five will be made – from jet aircraft grade aluminium and accented it with premium material du jour carbon fibre. The paddles and balls can be secreted away in a foam-lined draw that brings to mind the sort of case a government hitman would use to carry around a sniper rifle.

Talking balls

Stealth table tennis table
Stealth table tennis table

As the Stealth website puts it: “Stealth was born from the fusion of lethal silence and pure elegance. [It] embodies strength that is not only meant to be seen, but felt.” We’re not quite sure what that means, but it’s a far cry from the tatty old table we used to mess around on at Butlins.

If you’d like your own Stealth table, you can get in touch with 11 Ravens here. Just make sure you have the necessary space in your garage – not to mention the necessary US$70,000 (£43,000) in your bank account.

[Via 11 Ravens]