MacBook Touch shows up in concept video

Fanboy concept alert! Take a look at this MacBook Pro/ iPad hybrid – just don't expect to buy one anytime soon

What's this? An Apple leak. No my friends, Apple leaks don't really exist. But Apple fans with a ton of imagination and design skills definitely do.

A 9to5mac commenter obviously got bored with their non-foldy MacBook Pro and just made this fake advert video of a 'MacBook Touch'. The concept is basically a Mac version of the tablet/laptop hybrid, the Lenovo Yoga (which we gave a CES Hot Stuff 2012 award to). The idea being that you can use it as a laptop with keyboard, flip 360 degree to view as a tablet or use it in upside-down tent mode for watching movies.

It's not the most elegant solution - you'll still have the keyboard on the underside. But there have been a few more moments recently when we've tried prodding our MacBook Pro so maybe it's a concept worth looking at over at Cupertino. Either that or a Transformer Prime-style iPad Air will do, Tim.


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