Mac OS X Lion comes out on Wednesday

The internet is roaring with talk of a release this week of Apple's new operating system

Imagine going on safari only to find all the lions dozing on the prarie. Disappointing, right? That’s what we felt last week after predicting the release of Apple’s new Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Now we’ve learned the beast was simply not ready for a public appearance and the unveiling of the updated version has been, apparently, moved back to this Wednesday 20th July. Although Apple has just hiked its app prices, it's selling Lion at a knock-down price (US$30).

Bargain, but that doesn't mean we're not expecting a lot – all this lot from our OS X Lion guide, in fact. And with a refreshed MacBook Air possibly still on the cards, it could be a big week for Apple releases. Check out the MacBook Air rumour round-up to get your juices flowing, take a peek at the Lion-ready apps already hitting the Mac App Store and join us in looking forward to Wednesday's mane event. Sorry, too easy.


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