M500 grapples with Compact & Jam

It's war! Just when we thought the JAM and Compact were about to announce an amnesty, Orange has thrown its lot in with its macho-styled mini palmtop, the SPV M500

Meet Orange's answer to the i-Mate JAM and T-Mobile Compact - the brilliantly butch-looking M500.

As you've probably guessed already, the specs are identical. It runs the palmtop version of Windows Mobile, the cam's 1.3MP and there's an SDIO slot for adding storage or - the killer - Wi-Fi. Battery life's still a wimpy 5 hours talktime.

It's going for £100+ on contract. By comparison, T-Mob's Compact is available from free and the i-Mate JAM's knocking around for £300 SIM-free.

SPV M500