London's first fully electric double-decker buses hit the streets in October

Upgrade! Whether above or below, you'll be taking some seriously green transport

At the inaugural Clean Bus Summit at London's City Hall today, some 24 world cities agreed to put more than 40,000 "ultra-low emission" buses on the streets by 2020. And London will lead the charge with an innovative new offering.

That's right: a purely electric double-decker bus, announced today, will begin a trial beginning in October. BYD Auto's zero-emission double-decker buses will run on route 16, between Cricklewood and Victoria Station. BYD's single-deck electric buses have been in service in London since 2013, along with ones made by Optare.

"The iconic red double-decker bus is about to become greener than ever," said mayor Boris Johnson. "I could not be more pleased that London will play host to these exciting pure electric double-deck buses, and I’m sure the lucky users of route 16 will embrace it with gusto."

Additionally, the capital will soon welcome a purely electric bus route later this year: the 312, which runs between Norwood and South Croydon. Two more single-deck electric buses from Irizar are joining the fleet as London slowly but surely increases its electric public transport commitment. Johnson aims to have all 300 of central London's single-deck buses be zero-emission rides (measured at the tailpipe) by 2020, while the double-deckers will mostly be electric hybrids.

London is also looking into hydrogen-powered buses, and will perform a pilot program on inductive charging for electric-powered buses this October, allowing them to wirelessly top off their batteries at stands. That trial will take place on route 69 between Canning Town and Walthamstow using hybrid buses.

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