Logitech's BCC950 ConferenceCam pans across 180 degrees

Logitech's latest webcam wouldn't look out of place in a sci-fi flick – but you're more likely to find it in a conference room

It may look like a cross between a toilet brush and the very creepy garbage compactor monster (the Dianoga) from Star Wars, but Logitech's latest computer cam is a lot smarter than your average webcam.

With its eye set firmly on the corporate market, the BCC950 ConferenceCam squeezes in a Carl Zeiss lens and 1080p HD video quality at 30fps, into a device that sits atop a motorised stalk that can pan 180 degrees across a room. As well as being able to bring everyone into the frame, with its 78 degree field of view Logitech's ConferenceCam waves good bye to huddling around a laptop to be in with a chance of being seen.

Its full-duplex speakerphone system will pick you up within a range of eight feet and the more lazy amongst you will appreciate the bundled remote control, which you can use for receiving and ending calls, as well as controlling audio functions and its panning capabilities. Alternatively, the webcam can be controlled through the control pad on its base.

Aimed at the business end of the market – but in no way limited to suited and booted users – the BCC950 Conference Cam will retail for £200 – so it's a bit pricey for Skype chats with your mates. But if you're looking for a quality webcam with omni-directional prowess – either for business or pleasure – Logitech's webcam efforts are worth checking out when it officially launches in May.

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