Logitech turns your iPad into a Transformer Prime – sort of

An Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover for the iPad that works with its magnets? Yes please

You don’t have to be jealous of the Asus Transformer Prime to want a keyboard for your iPad – but since you probably are, Logitech has revealed its Ultra Thin Keyboard cover.

The Logitech smart cover incorporates a magnetically closing aluminium case with Bluetooth keyboard. In spite of its slim form it can manage up to six months on a single charge (with two hours typing a day). It also secures your slate at an angle so you can furiously pound away at the keys while your smudge-free screen stares right back at you.

It's more of a looker than the last Logitech case, but it won’t charge your iPad like the Transformer Prime's keyboard – and neither of them compare to the MacBook Air keyboard. Happily, Logitech has made this keyboard iPad 2 compatible – ideal for those of you saving that upgrade cash for a keyboard case.

The Logitech Ultra Thin Keyboard Cover will be out later this month for £90.

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