Logitech keyboard puts 'G' in gaming

Is this the view from the control deck of some tripodal mechatron killing machine that we’ve constructed, or is it the LCD display of Logitech’s new gaming keyboard? Prepare to be surprised…

Yes, it’s a keyboard, but it’s a keyboard quite unlike any we’ve seen before. The ‘G’ in G15 stands for gaming, and the G15 is festooned with no less than 57 reasons for taking this to a LAN party.

The first 54 reasons are macros: 18 macro keys that can be further re-defined using three mode keys. Even if you can’t do the maths, that’s a lot of potential keypresses for calling up special weapons, distributing team orders or casting that spell that turns enemies into Bassetts Allsorts.

Reason 55 is the LCD screen, which will be ‘supported by several new games later this year’, according to Logitech. It will show vital gaming info such as score, ammo, and health, but included in the box is a developer’s kit, so sassy gamers can add whatever functionality they need. Outside of games, the screen will show standard PC affairs: track names, CPU speed, general geek stuff.

So on to Reason 56: backlit keys and a switch for disabling the Windows key so you don’t yank yourself out of a game accidentally. Brilliant.

Finally, Reason 57 for taking this keyboard to a LAN party is that the LCD folds down to protect the keys during transportation. So it is, therefore, designed to be taken to LAN parties and is, therefore, an excellent choice for taking to a LAN party.

How much will this unbelievable gaming peripheral cost you, the currently handicapped-by-non-ownership-of-such-a-device gamer? A LCD-screened, macro-tastic £50, and there’s more about that, here.