LG Optimus Pro spotted with Android Gingerbread and keyboard

LG give BlackBerry a run for its money with this new keyboarded handset

The LG Optimus Pro has just been spotted in Italy – and we're impressed by its professional-sounding specs. Let's face it, anyone who owns a "business phone" but doesn't receive hundreds of urgent emails a day just wants to look important and busy. It's the tech equivalent of a briefcase with nothing in.

The Optimus Pro should be the first LG phone to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is exciting for LG fans as the Optimus 3D and 2X are still waiting for updates from Android 2.2. Plus anyone who hates on-screen keyboards will appreciate the compact QWERTY pad that sits below the 2.8-inch screen. Shame we're not important or busy.


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