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LG launches new Freeview+ DVD recorder

LG has launched its newest Freeview+ DVD recorder, once more bringing the handy features of services like Sky+ to a freeview audience.With the less th

With the less than catchy name of RHT497H, the recorder boasts the ability to pause, play and rewind over 40 freeview channels, and packs a 160GB hard drive for up to 477 hours of recording time.

You’ll get an eight day programme guide to help you schedule in your recordings, and there is also the series link functionality so you won’t have to worry about missing your favourite show.

Other specs include 1080p upscaling via HDMI, DivX movie playback, Progressive Scan technology for flicker-free images, and Super Multi DVD recording as well.

Getting one up on the likes of Sky+, one of the best things is that once your hard drive gets full, you can simply whack your content on to a DVD and keep it, with the ability to copy one hour of video in a speedy 27 seconds.

The RHT497H is available now – we’re chasing up pricing as we type.