LG G-Slate bakes 3D and Honeycomb into a tablet

LG’s first tablet may not be first to have Honeycomb, but it’s first to go 3D

The first screen to shine with Android’s made-for-tablet Honeycomb will be Motorola’s Xoom. It’s been announced and fondled. Heck, we’ve even seen a price and shelf date floating about. But launch excitement may now be tempered by a new tablet – LG’s G-Slate.

The G-Slate also runs Honeycomb. It’s also driven by a 1GHz dual-core engined Tegra 2. It has a 32GB SSD, a gyro and accelermeter, an 8.9in display and front and rear cameras. And it does 3D.

Yep – there are two cameras on the back for shooting 1080p 3D footage, viewable (with glasses) on the screen or on an external 3D display via HDMI. It’s expected to touch down in the States come March, though there’s little word on a UK release yet.

Think punters jabbing their iPads in Starbucks look a bit strange? Imagine them wearing 3D specs while they’re at it. Kudos for progress, but we don’t see a future of bespectacled punters hitting the streets G-Slate in hand. Unless Sanctum 3D is much better than it sounds. Which it isn’t.