LG G Flex, the world's premier bendy phone, will hit UK shelves on 1 February

Bend it, flex it, anyway you want it - the G Flex can be yours next month, from £50
LG G Flex will hit UK shelves on 1 February

LG has announced that its bendable G Flex smartphone will be released in the UK on 1 February.

The G Flex was announced after Samsung revealed its equally curvy Galaxy Round, but it'll beat its rival to UK shores, bringing with it a 6in 720p  curved OLED display, quad-core innards and a self-healing back.

The cheapest you can pick the G Flex up for is £50, though you'll be paying O2 a massive £57 per month for two years.

The cheapest monthly offer is from Orange, who's offering a £17 per month, two year contract, though you'll have to fork out £450 for the G Flex itself.

And if you want it SIM-free, Expansys has it available to pre-order, for £690.

Being a bendy pioneer doesn't come cheap you know.

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