LG EM960V 55in OLED TV hands-on

We get up close and personal with the world's largest OLED at CES – and try not to get fingerprints all over that tasty screen

No this isn't some Stuff Photoshop wizardry, you're looking at LG's super skinny slab of OLED – otherwise known as the 55in EM960V. Announced last week, we scrambled to get a look at the world's largest OLED TV in the flesh here at CES 2012 and we weren't disappointed.

The big ol' OLED TV has beefed out its bezel a bit compared to the press shots we've already been treated to – but at an unbelievable 4mm thick, we're not one to complain.

The EM960V is basically the TV we'd get if you could whack some sketches and specs into a dream-making 3D printing machine – the Cinema 3D-packing screen is just as vivid as LG's LED flagship sets and the whole thing weighs just 7.5kg.

The EM960V is one sexy screen but LG's keeping its lips sealed on the price – and now we've seen the goods, we suspect it might make us whimper.

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