Latest iPhone 3GS not jailbreak-proof

On Wednesday, it was apparently 'impossible', but Apple's hardline stance on iPhone hackers has apparently been ripped to shreds in just two days.New

New iPhone 3GSs were reportedly being shipped with a jailbreak-resistant bootroom in yet another twist to the ongoing cat-and-mouse tussle Apple has picked with the hacking community.

But the iPhone Dev-Team, which publishes ways to jailbreak the iPhone, now says it is still possible to jailbreak the new firmware, although it admits it has become trickier.

If you try to jaibreak one of the newly shipped iPhone 3GS handsets, you’ll now have to be tethered to a computer to boot it up. The Dev-Team plans to find a better fix in the long run, but for now they've thrown another fly into Steve Jobs' ointment while they search for a proper spanner to cast into his works.

The episode begs the question of where this ongoing battle will end. Will Apple give up? Unlikely. Will the hackers be outsmarted and admit defeat? Also unlikely. Will we ever get bored of watching from the sidelines? Never.