Korg outs a pair of Monotrons

Enter the Duo and the Delay, two budget analogue synths to blow your musical mind

We all loved Korg's portable, battery powered Stylophone-like monotron but we've been champing at the bit for some more analogue synth gadgetry. Korg has done us proud with the monotron DUO and monotron DELAY.

First up, the monotron DELAY's spacey looks make no attempt to hide its one reason for being – it's a space delay with analogue-style echoes thanks to a familiar ribbon controller keyboard, new LFO, aux input jack to hook up any audio source and a choice of the built-in speaker or headphone jack for playback.

And the monotron DUO features – unsurprisingly – a pair of VCO analogue oscillators and an X-MOD circuit that Korg fans will recognise from the Mono/Poly.

No pricing or availability was confirmed on the Korg site but the new monotrons will most likely hit around the £38 or US$60 mark.

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