Kinect hack lets you paint with video

Creative South Koreans got the chance to play around with this crazy interactive video installation 'Paik Times Five'

Seoul gets to have all the fun – not only is the world's largest LED screen (80 x 100m) in Seoul Square – but over at the New Museum, visitors to the Infinite Loop exhibition got to paint with video using Kinect's gesture control.

The Kinect set-up – titled Paik Times Five – was created by FlightPhase's Karolina Sobecka, Jeff Crouse and Nick Hardeman and named after Korean video artist Num June Paik. Viewers standing in front of the installation could reveal video clips by standing still with their arms out – lower your arms and the video will change, twirl around and wave your arms about and the colours and textures from pixels in the clips will move with you like brush strokes.

Now all we need is for someone from Microsoft to have a go, make an Xbox LIVE app and give us a really big telly. Watch the video below for more Kinect painting.


[via Creative Applications Network]

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