Just because they could – Sega urinal game

Wee, you? Sega's created a console with games controlled by urine – where else but Japan?

April Fool's Day was exactly one month ago, but Sega's Toylet urinal game has us doubting whether or not the company is actually a bit late to the practical joke party.

The Toylet system consists of a mountable screen and a variety of games which are controlled by – we kid you not – your stream of urine.

Game interactions are dependent on the volume and velocity of your, er, stream, (which is picked up by a sensor placed in the urinal) and you can pick up your very own system for a mere 140,000 yen (£1,081).

Check out the video below for a demo, though be prepared for a hard time in understanding what on earth is going on if your Japanese is a little rusty.

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