Just because they could – Kaleidescape M700 Disc Vault

Meet the disc-guzzler that costs as much as a small hatchback


If you’ve loyally hung on to physical media despite all of the digital distribution moguls, this rather unnecessarily large disc vault is the perfect solution for your hallowed library of shiny discs. This 320-disc Kaleidescape M700 beast will gladly gobble up CDs and DVDs before copying their content to its internal file system and if you’re short on space you can even leave the discs inside for safe keeping. 

The vault will play nice with your Blu-ray collection too, although these discs will have to be stored inside the machine to work. A handy onscreen menu lets you explore your cavernous collection and at a whopping US$6000 for the standard model and US$16,000 for the Blu-ray server option, it’s safe to say that casual movie watchers need not apply.


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