This jacket has a wrist-mounted wind turbine

Finally, you can harvest the power of Mother Nature with your wrist
This jacket has a wrist-mounted wind turbine

Hang on, am I reading this correctly?Well, that depends. What did you read?

That this jacket has a wind turbine.Then yes. Your eyes have not deceived you.

… right. So –What we have here, is the fetching orange Life Tech jacket, designed by Seymourpowell for the rather unfortunately named Korean sportswear brand, Kolon Sport.

It offers tri-layer waterproof and windproof protection with a Gore Pro outer shell and a thermal inner layer, in addition to a battery-powered heated base layer to keep you nice and toasty in chilly conditions.

Not only that, but it’s also got a wearable first aid and survival kit with easy-access shoulder and back straps to help carry companions in distress.

Oh, and yes, it has a removable miniature wrist-mounted wind turbine.

I see. But why? Are smart toothbrushes not enough? WHEN WILL IT END?Why not? You can use it to charge up the heated base layer, as well as your smartphone or GPS device. Yes it’ll be slow, but you’ll be thankful for it when you’re lost, covered in snow and your battery’s just given up.

And once you’re safely back in your tent, protected from wolves, bears and ice queens, you can mount the turbine on the outside of your tent to juice up your tech while you gently drift off to the reassuring howling of bloodthirsty hounds.

Sold. I’m off to nab one right now.Unless you’re planning on jetting over to South Korea, you might have a hard time tracking one down. We’ve managed to track down its page at Kolon Sport, where we think it says it’ll be available this week in Primark for £5.

Our Korean is a little rusty though, so don’t get your hopes up. 

[Seymourpowell via Design Week]

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