It looks like the next Moto 360 has swappable bezels (but sadly keeps the cut-off screen)

At first we were like :D, and then we were all :'(

The Moto 360 is a very attractive smartwatch, and arguably the best-looking Android Wear wristputer to date - minus its infuriating almost-but-not-quite circular screen, of course.

It's one of our main gripes with the otherwise lovely smartwatch and, if freshly leaked pictures are anything to go by, its successor will retain the slightly cut-off screen.

The leaked photo above has since been pulled from Weibo (having been posted by Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing, no less), and in it, we can clearly make out a very 360-like smartwatch - with the display cut-off disappointingly present.

On the bright side, the picture also suggests that indecisive gadgeteers can will be able to swap out its bezels for various colour options ranging from silver, to dark grey and black.

The watch strap itself also seems to be a more traditional affair, unlike the existing Moto 360's solution which involves passing a strap through from one side to another. This is promising, as it suggests that we'll be able to use standard watch straps with the new 360 - a feature that's already present in rivals like the LG G Watch R.

There also appears to be two different sizes available, which is an option currently offered only by Apple's Watch.

On the inside, we're hoping to see a much newer, more powerful and more efficient processor than the aging one crammed inside the existing 360. Not only will that improve performance, but it should go a long way towards lengthening its battery life too.

All-in-all, most of the the changes we've seen so far appear to be for the better, and we're hoping that the cut-off screen is part of a prototype design, as opposed to being a final feature.

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