iRex goes large with 1000 Series eBook Readers

In these credit crunch times, it’s tough being in business – just ask anyone at Lehman Brothers. Fortunately, iRex has the answer to waste

The iRex DR1000 S and DR1000 SW both tote large 10.2inch screens, perfect for scanning those Powerpoint and PDF presentations. Just plug into your PC and the 1GB SD card will suck up all your important docs to read on the go, while the SW also totes Bluetooth and WiFi for pinging reports straight to your boss before Davies in Accounts.

Stylus and handwriting recognition also mean it’s like having an endless notepad, and when you consider that the average office worker prints around 10,000 pages of paper a year, this could be the first welcome step towards the truly paperless office. Although reading your redundancy letter on an eBook reader wouldn’t be quite the same…

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iRex DR1000 S, DR100 SW

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