iPod touch 5G hands on review

The iPod touch returns in a plethora of new colours with a larger screen and... a lanyard loop? Here's what our hands made of it at Apple's launch event

iPod Touch 5G – design and build

The new iPod Touch 5G is – surprise surprise – the thinnest and lightest iPod Touch to have exited the gates of Cupertino so far. Its gorgeously sleek anodised aluminium body is a joy to hold and takes a page out of the Nokia Lumia 920's book, arriving in a cavalcade of bright colours. All of them look tasty enough to lick (though we sadly didn't indulge ourselves).

You won't need super-vision to notice that Apple's new Lightning dock connector (which also graces the iPhone 5 and iPod Nano 7G) is present and accounted for at the bottom of the iPod Touch 5G as well. And as for that odd disc on the bottom left...

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iPod Touch 5G – iPod Touch Loop

Pressing in the mysterious circle will pop up a little disc that lets you connect the colour-coded Loop accessory. This handy little lanyard will enable klutzy iPod Touch 5G users to trip, wobble and dance their way throughout the day without having to worry about dropping their shiny slab of metal. It's a rather odd and surprising feature that some people might find handy when taking pictures with the in-built 5MP iSight camera.

iPod Touch 5G – screen

The new iPod Touch 5G shares the same impressive 4in Retina Display as the iPhone 5, treating our eyes to the same crystal clear icons and punchier colours. The extra real estate is very welcome and will compliment A5-powered games and the new Siri rather nicely.

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